About the day – what to expect

There are 4 basic stages to the event however these are location dependent:

  1. Participants register with the charity/Zip Slides UK
  2. On completion of registration participants are directed to the kitting-up area by charity staff. On arrival they will be weighed, briefed and kitted up by ZSUK staff. Participants will then be escorted to the launch point
  3. The participants will be briefed and then called forward one at a time to zip. On completion of the zip slide they will be directed back to kitting up where the equipment is returned
  4. Participants are directed/escorted back to the charity/thank-you desk

ZSUK has a system of zipping 30 participants an hour (25 for mobile crane zips). We ask that the full group of 30 register at the same time, normally a 9am registration (9.30am for mobile crane zips). As these participants filter through registration, they are escorted to kitting up and then onto the zip slide for the first zipper at 9.30am. This process is repeated for each hour’s set of participants. Therefore the final participants can expect a wait of an hour, however during this time they are moving through the system. If anyone is short of time we will zip them early in the group.

If you have any questions at all, just click here to contact us 🙂