Bespoke Events

Charity Zip Slides (zip wires or zip lines) have been a favourite with the charity sector for decades now, and still prove to be popular and rewarding challenge events. The key element to the success of any charity zip slide is the venue, and this is what makes the temporary zip slide unique. Charities are able to offer their supporters rare opportunities to zip from famous structures or across their cherished sports grounds.

Many charities decide to provide a bespoke event for their supporters, either because they have been offered the use of a venue or they have a venue in mind; either way gaining access to an exciting venue is probably the most important part of any successful event.

Zip Slides UK is currently the technical partner for numerous fantastic venues. Many of these sites appear in our open event series but are also available for bespoke events. Having delivered over 90 events in 40 different venues, we can often help with your venue search and provide first hand guidance. We are very much aware of the fundraising challenges faced by charity staff and if we feel that a venue isn’t suitable then we will share this with you.

With any large event with high participant numbers your charity needs complete peace of mind that all safety issues are considered and that the event can be delivered on time and without issue. ZSUK can offer this service and much more.

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