Frequently Asked Questions

During the preparation for our zip slide events, we encounter many of the same questions. This information will answer some of these questions.

Can participants with medical conditions take part in the event? (Medical Statement)

Zip Slides UK offer very exciting and challenging experiences for many people, involvement is suited to all levels of fitness and many people find that participation is possible with a range of medical conditions or disabilities. It is important however that you understand what is involved with a charity zip slide, declare and discuss any medical conditions which may prevent your involvement.

ZSUK is very keen to provide disabled people with the opportunity to take part in its events. Please speak with ZSUK to discuss your involvement if you are a disabled person. It is important to stress that the harness will go around your hips and waist, and that all your body weight will be held by this harness for the duration of the slide.

WARNING: Participants travel down the wire at approximately 25mph and are stopped manually with two braking lines attached to the wire. The resulting impact does jerk the body and participants with any existing medical conditions, such as back or neck injuries should contact ZSUK. The braking system has been employed for 6 years and stopped over 25000 participants, without injury.

Can disabled people take part in the event?

Zip Slides UK is very keen to provide disabled people with the opportunity to take part in its events. Charities should speak with ZSUK about specific disabilities and discuss the opportunity for a persons’ involvement

Please note that the provision of zip sliding for disabled people can be a very specialist area, requiring additional technical equipment and knowledge as well as taking a great deal more time and instructors

In addition, many of the unique venues that we use aren’t suitable to deliver this specialist provision.

ZSUK generally provides events for people without disabilities. It may be necessary for the charity to book two or more time slots to facilitate a person’s involvement with a specific disability. ZSUK will discuss this with you.

What is the maximum weight for participants?

15 stone (95kg)

Participants need to be fitted with a chest harness in addition to the waist harness. At some sites, participants may need to climb over a barrier to get to the zip slide; therefore they must have ease of movement in order to do this. Please ask ZSUK if you are unsure.

(Contact us for more info)

What is the minimum weight for participants?

6 stone (38kg)

ZSUK reserve the right to prevent a participant from doing an event if they are too light.

What is the minimum age for participants?

Important Note for Tyne Bridge Events: Minimum age is 16, and participants between 16 and 18 must have parental consent (this is a restriction placed on the event by Newcastle City Council).

What is the maximum age for participants?

These activities are mentally and physically challenging, but we will not stop any older person from having a go if they believe themselves to be fit enough. If there is any doubt, advise the participant that they should consult their doctor.

Can charity staff and volunteers have a turn?

Bespoke Events If time and participation numbers allow, ZSUK are happy to include a limited number of charity staff and volunteers during the day. Please note that if a day is full (based on contracted numbers) it is more difficult to accommodate extra participants.

Open Events Due to the nature of open events and the involvement of many charities it is difficult to zip extra charity staff or volunteers. Charity staff are welcome to ask on the day of the event and if time allows then ZSUK will do their best to accommodate such requests.

Can people participate whilst in fancy dress?

Most costumes can be accommodated where harness, helmet, etc. can be fitted over the costume. However we reserve the right to refuse the participation of someone in fancy dress if we think the costume will compromise the safety of the participant. Ask participants to wear sensible clothing, footwear and warm and wet weather clothing.

Does Zip Slides UK use qualified instructors?

Yes, ZSUK call on a range of staff, all qualified and/or experienced to perform the tasks asked of them. The majority of our instructors are first aid qualified.

Is Zip Slides UK insured?

Yes. We hold £10 million public liability insurance with Activities Industry Mutual (AIM). Once the participants are handed over to Zip Slides UK instructors they are covered by our insurance.

How will the event run?

There are 4 basic stages to the event however these are location dependent:

  1. Participants register with the charity/Zip Slides UK
  2. On completion of registration participants are directed to the kitting-up area by charity staff. On arrival they will be weighed, briefed and kitted up by ZSUK staff. Participants will then be escorted to the launch point
  3. The participants will be briefed and then called forward one at a time to zip. On completion of the zip slide they will be directed back to kitting up where the equipment is returned
  4. Participants are directed/escorted back to the charity/thank-you desk

A note on timings!

ZSUK has a system of zipping 30 participants an hour (25 for mobile crane zips). We ask that the full group of 30 register at the same time, normally a 9am registration (9.30am for mobile crane zips). As these participants filter through registration, they are escorted to kitting up and then onto the zip slide for the first zipper at 9.30am. This process is repeated for each hour’s set of participants. Therefore the final participants can expect a wait of an hour, however during this time they are moving through the system. If anyone is short of time we will zip them early in the group.