Open Events

Open events are pre-organised and run by Zip Slides UK, allowing charities to simply book and sell as many places as they choose. ZSUK will take care of all event issues, including site preparation, the registration process, marshalling and first aid cover.

The open event concept has become a firm favourite in the charity sector, as the event organisers take on the hard work of planning and delivering the event, leaving charity staff to focus on promotion and recruitment. There are also some wonderful venues, with high set-up costs, which would be inaccessible to most charities. Therefore open events offer great fundraising opportunities to charities large or small, or just individuals looking to raise money for their chosen good cause.

Zip Slides UK takes bookings from charities, corporate fundraising partners and any large groups or individual raising money for charity. Full payment is required on booking, and time slots will be allocated.

Charities are welcome to advertise our events and confirm bookings as they receive them.