Safety Statement

Zip Slides UK (formerly Adventure Challenge Events) has been delivering zip slides (also known as zip wires, zip lines and flying fox) since 2006. During this time we have completed over 110 successful events involving over 25,000 participants in more than 45 varied and exciting venues. This impressive event history has been achieved with an excellent safety and delivery record.

We believe our success is down to a number of core principles that we never compromise:

  • ZSUK specializes in providing zip slides and has a small team of professional and dedicated technical staff
  • ZSUK’s operating procedures played a fundamental role in producing Health and Safety Authority Guidelines. We operate to the highest and safest of standards!
  • Our team of dedicated and regular instructors is at the heart of this on-going success. They create a safe, fun and exhilarating environment for each and every participant
  • ZSUK has a number of technical consultants working behind the scenes who offer us support and guidance across all of our events
  • ZSUK has invested extensively in the equipment required to deliver these events, including a modular landing platform which was designed specifically for the purpose